Michael Goode, CEO

He is a visionary in the Cyber Security field. Having executive leadership experience with the expertise in all phrases of Cyber Security, IT, and global operations management within the Banking, Healthcare, Transportation, FinTech, and Insurance industries. Michael has a unique and demonstrated record of success. He is in the forefront of building and leading large high-performing Cybersecurity and  IT teams for Fortune 500 companies and start-up organizations. 

 He has acquired world-class Cyber Security partners to ensure that we deliver superior services and products which is the foundation of Goode Cyber Security.


Mr. Goode excels at driving multi-million-dollar increases in revenue and decreases in cost while enabling and ensuring optimal security. Michael has a history of building IT infrastructure and Cybersecurity teams from the ground up. 


Michael is analytical with a strong business acumen, critical judgment, and problem-solving skills. He has proven his abilities to manage large-scale and multi-million-dollar projects on-time and within budget. He understands and appreciates ROI and continually strives to achieve both financial and security goals for his clients. 


Michael vast knowledge and bilingual skills makes him exceptional at interpersonal, verbal, written, and multiple forms of presentations. He can maintain a professional presence and demeanor in highly challenging, fast-paced, and stressful environments. Michael is a Champion of Enterprise Security Architecture Design.

As a Proud Air Force Veteran you can guarantee Mr. Goode will work hard for you and your company.

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